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Love Out Loud-er ~ Connection

Love Out Loud-er

Are you looking for more connection?

Connection with yourself?

Connection with others?

Feeling hesitant in life?

Looking for courage to make some changes?

Are you making choices from a place of fear? 

Would you like to make choices from a place of love? 

This event is for you! 

The Love Out Loud Movement was created by Nicole Gibson to make much needed change in our world today. Nicole is known as a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, key note speaker and Author of Love Out Loud, but she prefers to be seen as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential.

Love Out Loud is a global movement that is shifting humanities paradigm of fear and painting a possibility. With a large percentage of the world experiencing loneliness every single day, suicide rates are rising and mental illness is set to become the world’s leading health epidemic in human history…it is time for a quantum leap!

Love Out Loud is a love-based movement which will teach you the skills to love yourself and love others. Self-love is a skill that is accessible to all of us, including YOU!

Love Out Loud Facilitator Carol Robinson has created a space for connection and acknowledgment, to share the skill set of love and how to live from your heart space. We all have unlimited potential which can be truly activated when we learn to love ourselves.

A little about Speaker and Facilitator Carol Robinson…

Carol is an inspiring motivational speaker and business owner. She has been called a “professional encourager” for her ability to support people in overcoming personal challenges without being defined by them. She helps others to recognise their self-worth and embrace a state of beauty rather than become a victim of negativity and suffering.

Her early career as a professional water skier taught her about adventure, commitment and performance, providing her with the confidence to positively share her message to thousands of people. After travelling to many countries, living and working in Europe and Asia, and experiencing some difficult personal challenges of her own, she has developed a fascinating and inspiring personal story. Her strong sense of resilience has developed from seeing challenges as gifts and taught her to always choose courage over comfort.

Carol owns a beautician practice in the Tweed Valley, Northern NSW, where she focuses on helping people to recognise their inner as well as their outer beauty. She runs a weekly program of personal development events which leaves participants feeling positive, uplifted and motivated. She is known for her caring and empathetic approach which encourages others to openly share their challenges so she can help them make empowering shifts in their lives.

Under the experienced guidance of Nicole Gibson herself Carol’s graduation as a Love Out Loud facilitator (a Love Out Loud-er) has created more opportunity to help people become more of themselves.

So… if you are looking for some inspiration and motivation to create change within yourself please join in, meet Carol… and start to be the change you want to see.

Learn how to get curious with becoming the best version of yourself which will ripple through to your family, friends, co workers and strangers that you happen to sit alongside! Your world will be grateful for your change, it will give back to you and more ways than you can imagine.

Tickets are available online for $30+booking fee. Only 15 tickets available. 

Nicole Gibson’s Love Out Loud books will be available for purchase at the event for $25.

Please contact Carol for more information M 0438 135 898


$30 AUD + BF

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