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The Wayward Path presents

Hekate - A Journey of Connection

A potent day of Magickal Connection to Hekate, Witch Mother, Guide and Guardian.

About this Event

Come join me for a powerful day of Magickal Connection to my beloved Hekate, Goddess of The Realms of Earth, Sea and Sky, (Underworld, Earth, Starry Road) in her roles as Guardian, Gatekeeper and Guide.

I have been a practicing Hekatean Witch for many years and have developed a deep bond to Hekate as my Matron Goddess, the journey with the Dark Mother is different for all of us and this workshop offers you a myriad of connections and information to assist the journey of those that have felt her call.

I invite you into my inner sanctum to journey through a world of mythos, magick and transformation, as we commune with her ancient energies through Meditative Journeying, Spell Crafting and Ceremony.

Please bring:

Water Bottle (no single use plastic)

Journal and pen

Meditation Mat

Plate of food to share for lunch.

I look forward to sharing Powerful Transformative Space with you.


Juniper Rose

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