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WAGS The Dog Program presents

Canine Interventions Handlers Course MURWILLUMBAH


This course is delivered over 3 consecutive days. Attendance at all sessions is required.

Cost: $1,250.00. 

This course is for people who are interested in either learning more about using dogs in therapeutic settings, using or training an assistance dog or pursuing canine assisted interventions as a career.

This course is suitable for people who:

  • Have a professional therapeutic qualification and would like to use dogs in their work

  • Would like to pursue a career in providing canine assisted interventions to the public through a W.A.G.S. community program.

  • Enjoy volunteering with their dog and would like to learn more in-depth skills for training a range of dogs

  • Enjoy volunteering with their dog and would like to learn more about the therapeutic underpinnings of the W.A.G.S. program framework.

Completion of this course is with the assistance and support of the W.A.G.S. team of dogs. So even if you own a dog, no personal dogs are involved in this training at all. W.A.G.S. provides access to a diverse group of dogs with a range of ages and training levels.

The primary purpose of this training course is to develop in you the skills, knowledge and confidence required to understand, identify and facilitate therapeutic interactions between dogs and people.

Completion of this course does not indicate or imply a skill or qualification for the provision of therapeutic services to the public that did/does not previously exist. Completion of this course conveys the requisite skill and knowledge in the graduate to use dogs to support therapeutic activities, under the supervision of the primary therapeutic care provider, only.

The course explores the W.A.G.S. therapeutic underpinnings and framework in greater detail with practice in applying the model in a variety of settings and to a diverse range of clients.

This training is challenging, personally confronting and intriguing. Whilst physically undemanding, the course is exhausting for the vast majority of students. For this reason, it is recommended that participants seek an appropriate amount of leave from their usual activities on the days the training is undertaken.

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