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House of Yogin presents

Chakra Healing Meditation (Pacific Time)

  • Sun 6th Dec 2020, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • this event is held on zoom. link will be emailed one week prior to all who register online via humanitix event booking page.
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Free monthly Chakra Healing Meditation by Patrizia Trani and Amy Livingstone with a focus on restoring the energy body and healing at the soul level through connection with Divine Source. Facilitated online on 1st Sunday 3.30pm Pacific Time each month, the session is held via Zoom comprising an opening introduction and 45 minute meditation ending with a closing circle.

Registration Required 

Please ensure you book via Humanitix booking link to receive your registration email with online access details. Please download Zoom on your device using the relevant URL below.

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Session Setup

Chakra Healing Meditation is best experienced lying down so please set yourself up in a quiet area where you can lie down comfortably with support under the knees and head. You might also like a blanket as the body's temperature will drop during the 45 minute meditation. There is no need to look at online visuals during meditation as Amy and Trish's voices will guide you through the experience and post meditation you are prompted to sit up so you can then re-engage with online visuals. 

About Facilitators

Patrizia Trani

Master Healer - Lineage of Christ Consciousness, Etheric Surgeon, Creator

of Ascension Meditation and the Ascended Mastery Energetic Candle range.

Patrizia has been practising Ascension healing and meditation for over 20


She has studied several forms of energetic medicine including kundalini,

pranic healing, theta healing, reiki tummo, open heart meditation, arhatic

yoga and crystal healing. Previously founding the Enchanting Angels Healing

and Learning Centre in 2003, Patrizia has now founded The Ascension Centre

and continues her work offering divinely channelled guidance globally.

She is also author of two inspiring books The Healers Journey and

The Chosen One.

Amy Livingstone

Certified HeartMath Coach and Mentor, Certified Yoga Nidra Meditation

Facilitator - Lineages of Bihar and Amrit, Certified Yoga Instructor,

Crystal Sound Therapy Practitioner and founder of House of Yogin.

Taught to mediate as a child, Amy has been practising yoga and meditation

throughout her life. Recently moving out of senior roles in international

corporate sector, Amy now supports individuals and businesses to prioritise

wellbeing through neuroscience, meditation, yoga, sound and conscious living.

She works with wellness clinics, large corporates, military veteran & first

responder communities and yoga studios.



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