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Leanne Blaney presents

Bucket List Life Plan (ONLINE)

  • Tue 2nd Jun 2020, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • event is held on zoom, details will be emailed once registered.
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Format: Every Tuesday for 6 weeks from 7pm - 9pm.

Location: Zoom (a link will be emailed to you upon payment).

The Bucket List Life Plan is a 12 session group coaching program
where you'll learn, create & action your Bucket Lists together.

This program will be completed in six weeks. This means that it will be a double session.

I will lead you through the Live Experiences, Home Play
& incorporate the M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint®

At the end,
you'll graduate as a 'Bucket Lister'.


You will need to be able to access Zoom from your desktop or laptop.

Please have pen and paper.


I coach people and people within organisations to find more meaning, more purpose and more fulfilment.

Everyone is so busy being busy. They’re busy on their To Do List, not on their Bucket List. Unfortunately, people only reprioritise what’s important to them when something traumatic happens to them or someone close to them.

A lot of people are sleep-walking through their life. They need to be woken up before it’s too late or before they get given a ‘Use by date’. People are dying at 40 and being buried at 80! They’re in the Matrix waiting for the “perfect time” or for “someday” to come around.

Depression and disengagement are at unprecedented levels. This really takes a toll on families and on organisations around the world.

My Bucket List programs will help people create a life by design. They will help people take time OUT of their life to work ON their life.

A Bucket List is a tangible life plan, where our business plan or our career plan should fit into our life plan. And not be the other way around.

Founded in positive psychology, the programs really are affecting peoples lives and company cultures in a positive way. They are very action focused and applicable for all kinds of groups. From families to Fortune 500 companies, I have a program that suits.

My wish for you is to experience more meaning, purpose and fulfilment in life. I want to help you live a regret-free life rather than a regret-filled life. I want you to be happier and to have more fun before it’s too late. All in all, I want you to become a Bucket Lister and I want the organisation that you work with to become a Bucket List Business too.


$1200 AUD

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