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Permission embodied art series - Vol 3 ALCHEMY OF PLAY

Are you ready to connect with the most powerful creative force within you?

About this Event

Gorgeous Women,

I invite you to join us in this amazing ART SERIES WORKSHOP

Gift yourself permission to explore the exquisite creative woman within you.

We will be gathering every forthnight on a Monday with different Art modalities and powerful teachers from the community to Embody Art for the senses.

WEEK 1 - Alchemy of play

During this workshop Natalie will guide you through an alchemy of play!

A combination of embodiment, dance and movement, delightful rites and meditation.

Gentle creative processes will tap into the magic of our togetherness and leave you with a unique treasure as an anchor and reminder of our creative geniuses😉.

PERMISSION SERIES (Fortnightly Monday Art class)

Vol 1 - PRESENCE - 2 November

Dropping into your womb space, your creative power centre through

Dance, clay & Yoni Steaming

with Freer & Isabel

Vol 2 - CELEBRATION - 16 November

Moving away from the critic mind, discover the freedom of your inner child

Dance & paint

With Freer

Vol 3 - ALCHEMY OF PLAY - 30 November

Explore the magic of Tree dance and delightful rites to remeber your creative geniuses

Paper Clay

With Natalie & Freer

Vol 4 - HONOUR - 14 December

Sensual awakening to remeber the exquisite woman within you through

Dance and paint

With Isabel & Freer



Quirky and colourful French artist, Nathalie has been navigating the tides of the Byron Shire for the last 20years.

She has exhibited and won numerous local awards over decades of inquiry into the use of plaster, paper and clay.

Delving into Dynamic drawing, ecstatic dance, systemic constellation, holistic counselling, art therapy and recently Shananic herbalism, Natalie’s practise is a playful yet heart felt meeting of creativity and a longing to better understand the human condition.


Hello I’m Freer a local Artist from Ocean Shores.

I started expressing my creativity at the age of 5, as a way of getting in touch with the trauma, my body didn’t have a voice for.

I’ve spent most of my life drawing, painting, creating, designing, and turning my environment into a living expression of my inner world and yet, in my expression of Art, I was not free.

I’ve spent most of my life being a perfectionist and criticising my work, it just never felt good enough.

This all changed for me when I studied ‘Body-Based Psychotherapy’ and worked in a Trauma Healing Centre for 5 years processing myself and the guests trough embodied Art therapy practices. It was there I learned to let go and get in touch with my real feelings.

This has totally changed my relationship to Art, the more I’m willing to get honest with my feelings, the more real and authentic my Art has become, the pleasure and freedom have become endless, it has gifted me so much confidence.

"I wish that for every woman"

‘When we let go of wanting something to be in a particular way, the way becomes, and magical things happen'



- A cushion to sit on

- Bottle of water

- Comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting paint on


- A3 plywood board

- Paints

- Paint brushes

- A3 art paper

- Oil pastels

- Cotton cloth to place over your cushion


Due to the Covid restrictions, we are limited to a number of 20 participants.

I will be providing hand sanitizer on the day, in regards to your safety.


'The sacred space that Freer holds allows a tenderness for an inner wholeness to emerge. The journey is gentle yet strong. Many spaces and vulnerabilities are navigated as one traverses artistically and soulfully through the layers of the human experience.

I felt held, seen and witnessed, deeply grateful for Freer’s wisdom, grace and gifts.' Samantha Neveah love

I've never met anyone like her!

Freer is a very powerful therapist, space holder facilitator and artist

She holds an impeccable space of deep safety, healing, transformation and beauty.

Every little detail is taken care for you to surrender into the experience.

Freer fully embodies her work, she can light up the room with her presence, and she has the powerful gift of seeing people’s beauty, potential and gifts

Thanks to Freer, I've opened myself to trust and lean into my creativity again, awaken the artist within me after many years of suppression in that area.

I highly recommend any offering that she brings. With love Isabel Lamar

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