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Lion Stephen Duffield presents


This event is about participation and raising those much-needed funds for Parkinson’s Disease research. Everyone is welcome to register for Shuffle 4 Parkinsons. You can run, walk or shuffle the 5k or 500m events, at Cabarita Beach (start/finish is at Caba SLSC). CARERs are FREE entry if they are with a person who has Parkinsons or a disability. A medallion and sports sublimated singlet are included in the ticket entry.

The event organisers are 'Kitty Flower and Lion Stephen Duffield (A person with Parkinson's)'. Since my Dad (The Parky Park Runner) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s (4 years ago) there is still no cure. As a nurse who has looked after Parkinson’s Patients, I know what is to come. No thanks to a degenerative disease, it will only get harder for Stephen. Please help me raise those much-needed research funds to find a cure for Parkinson’s.

This year is the 4th Shake It Up fund-raise event that I have held. In 2020 I wanted to raise the bar and make a significant donation to SHAKE IT UP AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION, which works together with Michael J Fox Foundation to FIND A CURE FOR PARKINSON DISEASE.

The PAUSE 4 PARKINSONS challenge in 2020, has led to Dad and I together hosting a larger event. Two Cabarita Beach events (a 5k run/walk and a 500m shuffle/walk) along with a local coffee4parkinsons’ pre-event fundraising opportunity in Cabarita Beach and Pottsville Beach.

Pause 4 Parkinson's - April 2020 is World Parkinson’s month, April 11 is World Parkinson’s day, and throughout April 2020 events are taking place all over the world to raise more awareness and vital funds for research into better treatments & ultimately a cure.

Monies raised will be donated to Shake It Up Australia Foundation, which works together with Michael J Fox Foundation to fund a cure for Parkinson's Disease. One Hundred per cent of Shake It Up Australia foundation funds go directly to the researcher. This event is also supported by Lions Club Cabarita Beach & Pottsville Beach as a major fundraiser in support of the Lions Medical Research Foundation.

Thanks for your support, I trust you will all enjoy the run or shuffle and take some time out to think about how you would handle a degenerative disease, and why we must find that cure. 


P.S. We are also holding a Virtual event (1 Mar to 31 Mar 2020) for those who cannot make the 5 April 2020 Event day.


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