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Summer Magick Activation

Summer Magick Activation. Harnessing the flow of creativity.

About this Event

Join Juniper Rose from The Wayward Path for a potent day of Magickal Summer connections as we harness the flow of heat and direct this vital energy into Activation, Creation, Connection and Ignition of our Goals, Dreams and Desires.

The energy of the Serpent coils through the ancient landscape like a river of fire, warming the Earth and adding vitality and potency to her Summer months, the hot breath of the Winds, the electric current of the Storms and the radiance of the Sun fuel the journey forward towards Solstice and the longest day of the year.

Just as the serpent energy of the Earth flows so does the energy within, rising upward from the Base towards the Crown as activation takes place and awareness unfolds, and so when we move with the energy rather then resisting it, so may we too rise and stand in our own personal power with courage, strength and determination, the qualities of fire.

We will be focusing on and preparing for the unfolding energies of Solstice - 21st December during his powerful Activating Full Day Offering which includes:

Ceremony, Spellcrafting and Guided Visual Journeys.

Along with the potency of Summer and the Power and Expansiveness of Sagattarius Season,the beautiful Moon will be in her Waxing Crescent Form and ingressing from Aquarius into Pices and so adding her illuminating energy of growth to our workings, along with the innovative eccentricity of Aquarius and the intuitive mysticism of Pisces...a powerful combination indeed.


My home Sanctuary at Numinbah, within the Magickal Northern Rivers Caldera - the Green Cauldron of the Ancient Tweed Shield Volcano. Exact address supplied to ticket holders prior to the event.

Please check border requirements for return to qld if you are travelling across the border, we are situated just inside NSW.

When: 10.30am NSW time (9.30 QLD time)

Whats Supplied:

Healthy snacks, herbal teas, juices. Spellcrafting supplies.

What to Bring:

Journal and Pen


Water Bottle

Sun Hat/Sun Screen/Insect Repellant

Plate of food to share for lunch - vegetarian, GF appreciated but not essential.

Offering for the Altar.

What to Wear:

Whatever you are cool and comfortable in, with a Summer connection; reds, oranges, golds, yellows, white. Flowers, Headpieces, makeup, whatever you desire.

I look forward to welcoming you into my Sanctuary.

Many Blessings

Juniper Rose. (Jen)

Art image: a portion of Hygeia by Gustav Klimt.

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